Being a web manager : My passion

Hello readers ,

In this post i will be sharing my journey to be a web manager & take it up as my career. I must say that it was not what i always wanted to do , initially becoming the president of united states was my goal. But , as time went by & i spent hours on my computer surfing websites. I realized how much i love the internet & want to become a part of it.

So finally , i got my first post to become a web manager in a small website . The pay was not much , but i got to do some awesome designing and development work. After that job , everything went smooth for me , and right now you are reading my blog ! 😀

There is a lot more to share but due to time constraints that is all i will be able to share , if you are looking to follow my footsteps , check out this article below : (A great guide on what is a webmanager & how to become one !)

Cheers people !





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