Please Welcome Guest Blogger Kait Nolan!

We have a special treat today! Kait Nolan, author of FORSAKEN BY SHADOW has been kind enough to do a guest blog. Thanks so much, Kait, for dropping in on us.

Banished from their world with his memory
wiped, Ultimate Fighting Champion Cade Shepherd doesn’t remember his life as
Shadow Walker Gage Dempsey. He doesn’t even remember the woman he nearly
died for. But when firecaster Embry Hollister’s father is kidnapped by
military scientists, she’s forced to turn rogue, and the only person she can
turn to is the love from her past. Will Gage agree to this suicide mission?
And if he does, will he remember the Shadow Walker skills he learned from
her father? If they survive, will Embry be able to walk away

Forsaken By Shadow was a very interesting story to write. It
didn’t fit the pattern of any book I’d written to date. Usually I have a
“what if?” question in mind, followed up by having a basic story structure
mapped out. The characters are…well, not incidental, but getting to know
them is a process. Not so with FBS. Gage walked into my brain fully
formed, waking up to a scream in a seedy motel room with no memory of who he
was or how he’d gotten there. That was, I suppose, the major
inspiration—the what if question. It was a fascinating exploration to join
him on the journey to finding those things out.

The worldbuilding was a blast. This story is intended to whet the reader’s
appetite for more of the universe I’m creating. The first story in my Mirus
series, it’s a tip of the iceberg, straight up adventure story. It was such
fun to create the rules for things like the Shadow Walkers—they’re the
special ops group of my paranormal world. They can manipulate and travel by
shadow—quite an asset in covert operations. And ideal for sneaking into a
super secret military base. I thought it quite fitting to match his shadows
with flames—so naturally the heroine was a firecaster—a paranormal race able
to manipulate flame. You’re also introduced to a wide cast of characters
from other races, many of whom you will see in future stories.

The story unfolded faster than any I’ve ever written, and when it came in
quite solidly at novella length, I decided it was the perfect book to
self-publish. Novellas typically aren’t as popular in print and don’t earn
out a great deal in terms of royalties, so it was low risk to me to put out
in epub and ideal for building an audience. The whole process has been very
educational, both about what goes into making an ebook and about what goes
into marketing. I’ve got a much healthier respect for the entire industry!

Forsaken By Shadow was so much fun to write, and it really taught
me the benefits of writing a short, tight story. There’s no fluff, just a
lean, mean, action-packed ride that I think both women and men
will enjoy.

For those who are interested, Forsaken By Shadow, is available at
Scribd, Smashwords,
Amazon, Barnes
and Noble
, and the iBookstore.


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