Exerpt From My Newest Release

Hey all!  Today I’m sharing an excerpt of my latest release, a historical mystery calledAccomplished in Murder.  To learn more about this ebook visit Amazon.

Happy reading!

* * *

Celeste shivered as the wind cut through her hastily donned shawl. Overhead, thunder rumbled and dark clouds blotted out the moon, casting the empty rooftop where she waited into sinister shadow.

All at once, she became aware of another presence, one whose footfalls were so soft she hadn’t heard them over the wail of the wind. The familiarity of the approaching figure did nothing to still the sense of dread within her. If anything, her heart pounded a little harder.

“You’re late.” How she hated the way her voice trembled! Not that it mattered. Not that he didn’t already know she feared him. His mocking eyes said as much. She had never trusted those eyes.

He raised a dark brow. “You were so eager for my arrival?”

She refused to rise to the bait this time.

“Of course I’ve been impatient. It is positively frigid out here; I think it’s about to rain. Whatever possessed you to suggest a meeting in such a place?”

He moved nearer and leaned casually against the rail beside her. Together they peered out into the darkness, down to where the craggy rocks met the angry surf far below.

He said, “This was the only rendezvous point I could think of where I could be certain we would not be observed alone together.”

Celeste wiped suddenly sweaty palms against her skirts and tried to smother her rising alarm. She raised her voice above the gale. “And what have we to say to one another that must be kept secret? This had better be urgent, a matter of life and death.”

“Oh it is,” he assured, his eyes glinting in the darkness. “For one of us.”

There was something dangerous in his voice. An intensity Celeste had never heard from him before.

Before she could do more than draw in a startled breath, he had taken her up swiftly in his arms and she found herself held in the air.

“Good-bye, dear Celeste,” he said. “I cannot claim ours has ever been a friendly association but I think I shall miss you, in a way.”

“What are you talking about? Put me down at once!”

She wriggled in his grip but it was too late. She felt herself hoisted over the rough stone railing, skirts dragging behind her. For a terrifying moment, she was suspended between heaven and earth and only then did she remember to scream.

He released her and she clutched at him, grabbed for the railing, anything. But some frantic part of her knew it was too late.


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